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Frequently Asked Questions

Reservation FAQ:

Walk-ins are also welcome, but during the busy season and on weekends, reservations are best! Our trips regularly sell out, so reservations are recommended 1-2 weeks in advance. Same day reservations must be made over the phone. You can either make your reservations online, or give us a call anytime and we can book it for you.

Our cancellation policy is 100% refund with more than a days notice.  Less than 24 hours notice is a 50% charge of the total trip on the credit card that the reservation was made with. Trips go out rain or shine.

All participants must be 6 years old or older. If your child is 6 – 12 years old, they can join you on your trip in a canoe, tandem kayak, or closed bottom tube. If your child is 13 years old or older (or over 120lbs) they are welcome to man their own craft down the river. (Some shorter children will have a hard time managing a SUP on their own regardless of age/weight, fyi).

Yes! The stretch of river we run our trips on is very calm, gentle, and great for beginners. Most people find it easy to get the hang of within a few minutes. Our shuttle drivers are a great source of tips for first timers including how to keep a kayak going straight and how to use a SUP paddle.

Walkups are welcome at all three of our locations, but if you are already booked on a specific trip, your confirmation email will tell you where to go. If you have any confusion as to where to go, please give us a call at (828)505-7371 so we can ensure you have the best day possible.

No, all of our trips are unguided to allow our guests to enjoy the river at their own speed.

Yes! Discounts are only available if the discount is mentioned while making a reservation. Walkups are not eligible for discounts. Groups of 8 or more, military, and Go Local card holders should all ask!

Be prepared by reading the rest of this FAQ and save time at check-in by filling out your waiver ahead of time, which is linked in your confirmation email.

Float Trip FAQ:

– River shoes: Shoes are required on all of our river trips; old gym shoes, water shoes, or sandals with a heel strap are best.
– Swimwear: Most people wear a swimsuit with shorts and a t-shirt over, but dress in clothes you can get wet in and won’t make you cold.
– Sun Protection: Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses (with strap)
– Change of Clothes: While not required, nobody like to ride home wet. Especially important on cooler days.
– Drinks: Dehydration is real and no fun. We have beverages available for purchase. NO GLASS BOTTLES.
– Food: Bring lunch or snacks (also available for purchase at the shop)
– Cooler: Bring your own ice and small cooler to keep everything cold.
– Dry Bag/Box: To keep stuff dry. Available at the shop for purchase.
– Fishing Gear: Optional, but fun.
– Alcohol: This is for your safety. Common sense: alcohol, and watersports do not mix.
– Anything you don’t want getting soaking wet or potentially lost forever.
– Glass: No glass containers of any kind are permitted.

Our trips go out rain or shine. See the below section on weather and safety for more information.

For float trips, the pricing includes your boat, PFD(personal flotation device), paddle, and transportation up river. If you are tubing, this includes your tube, transportation, and an optional PFD. If you want a tube for your cooler, please let us know as this is not included.

If your dog is extremely well trained and well behaved around all people and all other dogs, they are welcome into our shop. If you have a dog PFD and your dog has been in a canoe/kayak before, they are welcome to join you on the water too. Leashes are not allowed on the river for safety reasons and please be advised that many dogs freak out their first time in a river vessel, jump out, and swim away. FBO reserves the right to refuse dogs on trips for any reason. That all being said, we are an extremely dog-friendly company!

Weather and Safety FAQ:

]If you look at the menu at the top of the page, the river level link is under “About Us”. River levels are measured in cfs by the USGS tower right behind our takeout.
We take folks out on the river rain or shine. Check the forecast and change your reservation if needed. The only time we will cancel a trip is if it has rained enough to bring the river level higher than 3,000 cfs, which is extremely rare in the summer.
– PDF: Personal Floatation Devices are required and must be worn at all times in a boat. For Tubers, they are not required, but are available upon request.
– Strainers: Downed or fallen trees and in stream objects are a serious threat. Keep clear of side channels and overhanging banks. Be alert!
– Sharp Rocks and Uneven River Beds: Shoes are required on all trips. While uncommon, uneven river beds can create foot entrapment opportunities. If the water is swift, do not try to stand up.
– Bridge Pylons: These are easy to avoid, but make sure to not hit these with your boat as it will cause you to fall out. It can potentially pin your boat against the structure and destroy it.
– High Water: FBO will cancel trips if the water is too high, but even a small increase in level can result in floating debris and tangled shorelines. Be alert.
– Weather: Abrupt changes in weather can create special problems, be prepared.
– Alcohol: FBO has a no alcohol policy
If you find yourself on the river in a storm, the current weather service recommendation is to stay in the middle of the river and continue paddling. Lightning usually hits the highest point, such as trees, so standing under them is not advisable. Paddling also keeps your body warm. The only time pulling over is recommended is under a bridge, but not touching it.

24 Hour Rentals FAQ:

Of course! If you have two vehicles with full roof racks or two trucks and non ratcheting straps,  and know your shuttle directions, we are happy to rent you boats for 24 hours.

Of course! See the “gear rental” page to see all the equipment available.

You will fill out the waiver that every one of our guests fills out as well as a 24 hour rental agreement. On this agreement, a credit card number is held so if you run away with our equipment and never return, we have a way to charge you for it. This number is destroyed upon the safe return of the equipment.

All pricing is for 24 hours from the time you pick it up. If you are late, you might be charged a late fee. You can return gear early while we’re open, but no after hours drop offs please.

No. Once you pay for your rental, it is your responsibility. If FBO sees your vehicle and does not think you can safely transport our equipment, we may ask you to bring a different vehicle. We also ask that you do not use ratcheting straps, as they can break our boats.

No. If you are unable to load the gear yourself, please join us for a river float trip. We do not transport 24 hour rental equipment.

All 24 hour rental equipment must be picked up AND dropped back off at our 704 Riverside Drive location. No other location will accept or issue 24 hour rental gear.