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Maintenance Services

We’re happy to get your gear and boat back into top shape at French Broad Outfitters! Please give us a call if you are interested in any of the below services and allow us a week minimum to complete them, although we sometimes need less or more time. Scroll down to see a few of the repair services we offer, and feel free to give us a call should you have any questions.


Did you have a little too much adventure in your whitewater boat or roto-molded rec kayak? We are happy to offer kayak welding to get your boat water-ready again! Please give us a call before bringing your equipment into the shop, and allow us a few days to ensure that your repair is done to the highest standard. (We reserve the right to not weld your boat depending on the damage, previous welds, etc.)


Ever wish you had a built-in paddle holder on your boat? Replace that lost part? Need a new handle or rod holder? What about a seat upgrade to cushion the rear and support the back? Wish you had bungee storage on your SUP or kayak? Need some foam to fix that annoying spot that rubs? We are happy to outfit your boat with this and much more!


For those who like to paddle year-round, you know how much of a difference a dry top or suit can make. Even with the best care, eventually, your gaskets will need replacing. French Broad Outfitters is happy to offer this service fall through spring. We ask that the item be clean, still, have its seam tape intact and that the gasket we are replacing not be torn all the way down to the original material.


We keep Thule racks in stock and can special-order parts from Thule or Yakima for whatever your needs may be. If you buy the racks from us, we’ll be happy to help you install them! We also carry J-cradles, stackers, bike carriers, and all sorts of other adventure accessories for your car, van, or truck.


While we offer a large range of gear and boat repairs, but unfortunately we can’t do it all. We do sell a wide range of products to help you do your own repairs though, including canoe thwarts/yokes/seats, closed-cell foam, fiberglass sheets, and seam tape. Come to us for your gear maintenance items as well, such as 303 and sink the stink.