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River Shuttle Service

Quick Details

River Arts District Shuttle Shuttle from 704 Riverside Dr. to 230 Hominy Creek Rd.
Biltmore shuttle Shuttle from 230 Hominy Creek Rd. to 1610 Brevard Rd
Asheville Experience Shuttle Shuttle from 704 Riverside Dr. to 1610 Brevard Rd.
Tubing Shuttle Shuttle from 704 Riverside Dr to 230 Hominy Creek Rd.

In-Town Shuttle Services 

Our in-town shuttle service is for folks who are bringing their own gear (kayak, SUP, canoe, tube, etc). We shuttle you and your equipment on the front end, so you take out where you parked.  If this is your first time, keep in mind the French Broad is a north-flowing river!

In-Town Shuttle Options:

  • Biltmore Section: 230 Hominy Creek Rd to 1610 Brevard Rd
  • River Arts District Sections: 704 Riverside Dr to 230 Hominy Creek Rd
  • Asheville Experience: 704 Riverside Dr to 1610 Brevard Rd (morning availability only)

Shuttles depart from two different French Broad Outfitters locations, be sure to check your confirmation email for correct address or give us a call to confirm departure location.

Overnight Shuttles

In addition to our daily trips, we also provide custom shuttles to designated drop-off locations along the French Broad Paddle Trail, maintained by local nonprofit Mountain True. Base shuttle reservations include up to 4 people and all your personal gear, but we can accommodate groups up to 16. Shuttle cost differs by drop-off point. This is a do-it-yourself expedition, so head to Mountain True’s website to plan your route and reserve your campsites.

Campsite reservations are required to book an overnight shuttle and/or rental. Any equipment rentals needed will be booked separately (canoes are most popular for overnights). As this is a custom service, availability is limited. Please call to discuss options and reserve your trip.

All overnight shuttles department from our Outfitter Store at 704 Riverside Drive, Asheville, NC 28801.

Paddle Trail Shuttle Options:                                        More info here

  • Glenn Bridge: mile 54.5, 1 day
  • Westfeldt River Park: mile 51.5, 1 day
  • Horse Shoe/Lazy Otter: mile 40.5, 2 days
  • Penrose-Blyantyre Accesses: mile 31-34, 2+days
  • Pisgah Forest Access: mile 25.4, 3 days
  • Hap Simpson Riverfront Park: mile 20.5, 3+ days
  • Island Ford/Champion Park Accesses: mile 1-11, 4+ days