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White Water Demo Fleet

Quick Details

Demos From:

Demo a White Water Boat!

Try out the newest models of Dagger and Jackson Kayaks! Prices vary by length of rental.  All vessels have the option to include a spray skirt, paddle, helmet and PFD at no additional cost. Other rental gear, such as dry gear, float bags, etc. can be booked separately on our Water Sports Rentals page.

Customers renting equipment are expected to load, strap and transport yourself.  Straps are not included in the rental.  All rentals must be returned to the location from which they are rented.

Previous white water experience is required.

If you are looking to try out white water for the first time, check out our friends at H20 Dreams to schedule a lesson.

Equipment Available:

  • Dagger Rewind: Large
  • Dagger Nova
  • Dagger Super Nova
  • Jackson Antix 2.0: Large
  • Jackson Antix 2.0: Medium
  • Jackson Antix 2.0: Small
  • Jackson Gnarvana: Medium
  • Jackson Rockstar 5.0: Medium
  • Jackson Zen 3.0: Large
  • Jackson Zen 3.0: Medium