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Taking Your Dog on the River

French Broad Outfitters is a very dog-friendly establishment. If you come in a lot, you have probably seen some of the shop dogs that spend lots of time with their humans here.

a dog sitting in the waterIf your dog is extremely well trained and well behaved around all people and all other dogs, they are welcome into our shop anytime! Be mindful, and please use leashes around the property.

Bring your dogs PFD for a ride on a Tandem or Canoe!
Leashes are not allowed on the river for safety reasons and please be advised that many dogs freak out their first time in a river vessel and will jump out and swim away.
FBO reserves the right to refuse service to dogs for any reason.

“Dogs’ temperaments are different, the canoes they’re in are different, and the paddling skills of their humans are at different levels.”

Tips on Taking Your Dog on the River:

1. Why Leashes Should Never Be Brought on the Water
Should the boat flip, the leash could wrap around a rock and hold your dog underwater. If you don’t think your dog will be okay without a leash, then perhaps you should do a little more training with your pup before heading out onto the water.

2. Dogs Need PFDs (Personal Floatation Device) Too
Regardless of if your dog hates the water or is a natural swimmer, dogs should wear PFDs just like humans. Many dogs get disoriented in water with a current, trying to swim against or across it in a manner that will exhaust them. There are also hazards in rivers that pose a threat to humans and dogs alike, like tree branches creating strainers or snags in the water. Sometimes even the smartest of dogs can’t understand all the potential risks. A good flotation device will help keep your dog higher out of the water (which is safer) and that big handle on the back of the jacket is a great way to haul your pup back in the boat after a good swim. (Which, if your dog is like mine, is every 5 minutes it seems like.)

With fall around the corner and nearby dog shows in September and October, recently we’ve been getting lots of calls about taking your dog on the river with you.


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